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Blacktown City Council provides interim approval for Filterra biofiltration systems.

Ocean Protect is pleased to announce that Blacktown City Council has provided interim approval for the application of Filterra biofiltration systems within Blacktown City, based on the extensive performance monitoring undertaken at Western Sydney University, which is ongoing.

Ocean Protect’s Technical Director Michael Wicks said: “Blacktown City Council are a well-recognised leader in Water Sensitive Urban Design and to receive this approval is testament to the demonstrated effectiveness of Filterra biofiltration systems and the technical expertise and experience of the team responsible for the performance monitoring undertaken to date”. 

“Filterra biofiltration systems are just like conventional biofiltration systems, as they are scalable (tree-pit to basin size configurations) and have a select media to specific specifications which include both organic and inorganic material, unlike some competing technologies. A key difference is that these systems use a very carefully blended ‘high flow rate’ filter media, instead of ‘sandy loam’ filter media. As a result, Filterra biofiltration systems are typically sized at 0.3% of the upstream catchment instead of the 1 to 2% that conventional biofiltration systems are sized to be. Furthermore, to support the successful uptake of the technology, a rigorous QA/QC program has been developed, from media sourcing through to construction and system establishment to ensure better outcomes for Filterra on the ground. The reduced ‘footprint’ means that Filterra systems can be far more easily integrated into urban areas, and allow more space for habitat, open space, recreation, or development”. 

Many local governments have confirmed that they have ‘no objection’ to the use of Filterra biofiltration systems, including City of Casey, Campbelltown City Council, Northern Beaches Council, Fairfield City Council, Liverpool City Council, City of Sydney, Brisbane City Council, Redlands City Council, Sunshine Coast Regional Council, Fraser Coast Regional Council, Bundaberg Regional Council, Townsville Regional Council and Cairns Regional Council. 

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