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OceanSave GPT

OceanSave - Gross Pollutant Trap
The OceanSave is a full capture, high-capacity gross pollutant trap designed to remove particles greater than 1mm. It combines the proven sediment removal capabilities of vortex separation with indirect screening to separate and trap litter, sediment, and hydrocarbons. The innovative screen design and specially designed internal configuration allows for higher flows than other similar technologies whilst ensuring floatables, settleable solids and neutrally buoyant pollutants are retained without screen blinding.

How the OceanSave Gross Pollutant Trap Treats Stormwater

  • One or more inlet pipes within a 130deg range of the outlet pipe direct stormwater flow through a chute to the treatment chamber.
  • The specially designed inlet initiates a vortex at a higher flows than other similar sized vortex separators.
  • The specially designed screen in conjunction with swirling flow ensures screen blinding is eliminated unlike other direct screening devices.
  • The forces created by the vortex allow for pollutants to concentrate in the centre where they can either settle into the sump or remain floating within the screening area. Neutrally buoyant material will also be trapped and retained.
  • A hydrocarbon baffle ensures that free hydrocarbons and oils are retained and prevented from escaping
  • Flows that exceed the treatable flow rate are diverted to the outlet via an internal weir.
  • Treated and bypass flows exit via the outlet pipe.


  • Vortex separator
  • Specially designed screen
  • Large separate storage sump
  • Internal bypass and optional additional external bypass via a diversion box or pits
  • Multiple pipe inlets


  • Superior pollutant removal
  • Eliminates blinding and clogging
  • No scour or resuspension of previously captured pollutants
  • Flexibility in design
  • Accepted technology

Configurations and Applications

The OceanSave range covers most applications and needs. The fully trafficable precast concrete system can be arranged both online or offline with low flow diversion. A range of diameters ensures your treatable flow rate requirement will be satisfied. This design flexibility makes the system ideal for a wide range of applications such as:

  • Commercial, Industrial and Residential development, infill and redevelopment and stormwater quality retrofit applications
  • Special projects: Highways, airports, seaports and military installations
  • Pre-treatment for Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), infiltration and rainwater harvesting and reuse systems


  • OceanSave GPT provides unobstructed access to the stored pollutants, making it easy to maintain.
  • Maintenance is a simple process using a vacuum truck, with no requirement to enter the unit.
Video Playlist
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Ocean Protect delivers OceanSave Gross Pollutant Trap to the Frederick Wachter Reserve Wetlands
Ocean Protect delivers OceanSave Gross Pollutant Trap to the Frederick Wachter Reserve Wetlands
OceanSave - Unload and Install
OceanSave - Unload and Install
FAQs - OceanSave GPT
FAQs - OceanSave GPT
Best practice design & management of the OceanSave GPT
Best practice design & management of the OceanSave GPT


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