Filterra® is a high-flow biofiltration/ bioretention technology, optimised to achieve high pollution removal and resilience in a significantly smaller area than ‘conventional’ biofiltration systems. 

The Filterra® System is a high-flow biofiltration / bioretention technology. It has been optimised for high volume/flow treatment and high pollutant removal. Its small footprint allows it to be used on highly developed sites such as landscaped areas, parking lots and streetscapes.

Stormwater runoff enters the Filterra System through an inlet and flows through the specially designed filter media prior to discharging to waterways.

The filter media captures and immobilises pollutants; those pollutants are then decomposed, volatilised and incorporated into the biomass of the Filterra system’s micro/macro flora and fauna. Stormwater runoff flows through the media and into an underdrain manifold at the bottom of the system.


How the Filterra Works



Configurations and Applications