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Note: The science and research undertaken on the health of our oceans is always growing. The references given below utilise the best information available we have available. We will continually review (and, if appropriate, update) the facts as they become available. 


Stormwater is the primary driver of the degradation of streams, estuaries and embayments  in Australia's cities, and indeed in cities around the world,

Professor Timothy Fletcher cited in “Overview of Stormwater in Australia – Chapter 2”

Waterway Ecosystem Research Group, The University of Melbourne, Submission 17, p. 2;  cited in “Overview of Stormwater in Australia – Chapter 2”


About 8 million tons of plastic enter the ocean annually.

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Every minute the equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans

Erik van Sebille et al 2015 Environ. Res. Lett. 10 124006


Plastic is killing more than 1.1 million seabirds and animals every year