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Ocean Protect have the expertise and products to develop the right water sensitive urban design (WSUD) solutions for a range of objectives including flood mitigation, improved water quality or stormwater harvesting.


Our end-to-end solutions cover every aspect of stormwater management from conceptual design and product supply, through to implementation, construction and ongoing management.


With stormwater regulations and water quality standards becoming increasingly complex and onerous, our best management practice filtration, screening and treatment systems meet the most stringent regulatory requirements, while our comprehensive maintenance services ensure optimal performance and ongoing regulatory compliance.


Across our extensive range, each product we supply and install meets Australia’s strictest standards and has been verified for its effectiveness in real world situations, – not just a laboratory. With use of our products across Australia, such as in local government areas like Blacktown City Council, Gold Coast Council, and Brisbane City Council, our assets can be found across the country.



If you have any questions about our products, please get in contact.


‘Screening’ separates coarse pollutants from stormwater by passing the water through a coarse screen – either ‘directly’ or ‘indirectly’ (using ‘continuous deflective separation’ processes).

Hydrodynamic Separation:

‘Hydrodynamic separators’ treat stormwater primarily by using gravity to remove settleable particles and phase separation to remove buoyant materials (free oils and grease) from stormwater flows.


‘Filtration’ assets provide stormwater treatment via a combination of physical, chemical and biological processes – and can include ‘screening’ type assets for the removal of trash and sediment through to flow or volume-based cartridge systems and/ or vegetated assets able to remove smaller and/ or dissolved/ soluble pollutants, including fine solids and soluble heavy metals, hydrocarbons and nutrients.

Oil/water Separation:

‘Oil/water separation’ assets help remove free oil from contaminated stormwater runoff from a property.




‘Detention’ assets help temporarily store stormwater to reduce the rate of runoff from a property.