Facilities Management Plan

At Ocean Protect we can provide you with hassle-free, long-term solutions to manage your stormwater runoff, with our Facilities Management Plan.

Ocean Protect has a solution that provides better environmental outcomes for the overall development. The Facilities Management Plan (lease) is available for most project types with significant opportunities available for multi-dwelling developments with a Body Corporate Management Scheme or Building Management Committee (BMC).

It is clear that across Australia, government bodies are increasing their regulatory involvement in stormwater management and implementing stringent best practice guidelines. Even where regulations have not yet been mandated, there is a strong economic argument for implementing BMP stormwater management systems at the development stage, rather than meeting the higher costs associated with a future retrofit.

The Facilities Management Plan incorporates an on-going maintenance agreement, providing you with budgeting certainty for the functional operation of your stormwater system over the life of the agreement. In addition, as inefficient maintenance is often the reason for system failure, such as flooding or the inadvertent release of pollutants into waterways, this comprehensive maintenance service also helps minimise the risk of future inconvenience and disruption to site users (such as tenants), as well as mitigates the risk of penalties for regulatory breaches.

We have found the Facility Management Plan a very well thought out model that reduces the capital cost of developments while still meeting the authorities’ water quality requirements. In addition this model assures the timely ongoing maintenance requirements and warranties that are attached throughout the 25 year life of the Facility Management Plan.
Bill Ritchie - Raptis Group

The Facilities Management Plan provides you with:

  • The supply and installation (if specified) of all stormwater system units required at your site.
  • Regular service of all stormwater system units by a qualified Ocean Protect technician.
  • Disposal of contaminants
  • Yearly compliance certificate
  • Warranty on all parts for the term of the agreement

The Facilities Management Plan will:

  • Help you avoid financial penalties for regulatory breaches.
  • Guarantee that your stormwater management system will meet regulations.
  • Ensure you receive a full system warranty for the life of your agreement, with all parts and labour included.
  • Allow you to have ongoing cash flow certainty – fixed fees mean no budget surprises.
  • Give you long-term peace of mind for your strata, with no ongoing negotiations.
  • Safeguard against flood related damages – a properly maintained stormwater management system will reduce the risk of flooding.
  • Receive worry free maintenance – all pollutants are disposed of effectively to meet regulations.

From every perspective, the Facilities Management Plan provides a smart and sustainable way to achieve your stormwater treatment objectives.

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