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The ESK is a passive high efficiency coalescing separator that removes free oil from contaminated stormwater runoff and has a built-in shutoff valve to prevent spills and storage capacity excess exiting the device. The device is ideally suited for sites where specific effluent targets are specified, or for sites where removal of oil, hydrocarbons and grease is the greatest concern. It is typically sized to remove oil droplets as small as 10 microns and achieve an effluent concentration of 5 mg/L or less.


  • Compliant with European and British EN 858 class 1 standard
  • Automatic shutoff valve
  • Submerged Inlet and Outlet
  • Reusable and washable coalescer
  • Optional alarm system


  • Provides discharge of oil concentration as low as <5 PPM with an oil droplet size of approx. 10 micron
  • Full retention device with no bypass
  • Prevents inflammable vapour and flame from passing through system
  • Simple and cost effective maintenance
  • Reduces ongoing inspection requirements

Configurations and Applications

The ESK system is available in several precast concrete manhole sizes, allowing for a wide variety of treatable flow rates, spill capacities, pipe sizes and inlet/outlet configurations. This design flexibility makes the ESK an ideal solution for a wide range of applications such as:

  • Commercial and Industrial development, infill and redevelopment and stormwater quality retrofit applications
  • Service stations, re-fuelling zones, vehicle wash-down stations, power stations, machine shops etc.
  • Special projects: Highways, airports, seaports and military installations


  • Inspection is recommended after each major storm event and immediately after an upstream oil, fuel or other chemical spill
  • No confined space entry required
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ESK - Oil/Water Separator with Automatic Shutoff Valve
ESK - Oil/Water Separator with Automatic Shutoff Valve