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The OceanGuard® technology is a gully pit insert / basket designed to capture pollution that runs into stormwater drains. It can be installed within new and existing stormwater pits.

The system is offered with a choice of filtration bag liners, designed to remove gross pollutants, total suspended solids and attached pollutants. It can be adopted as a stand-alone technology or as part of a treatment train.

The filtration bag, filtration cage and flow diverter work together to maximise the flow treated and pollutants captured. This efficient hydraulic design ultimately results in captured pollutants being retained in a dry state.

OceanGuard pit inserts are cost-effective, highly efficient, easy to install and simple to maintain.

How the OceanGuard Filter Treats Stormwater

  • Stormwater enters the OceanGuard through a kerb inlet and/or grated inlet
  • The flow diverter at top of the unit has a rigid recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) skirt that is installed against the walls directing all incoming stormwater flows into the filtration bag
  • The stormwater is then filtered via direct screening through the filtration bag liner ensuring that any debris larger than the openings in the filtration bag are captured and retained
  • During large storm events the water elevation in the filtration bag can rise and peak flows are internally bypassed through slots created in the flow diverter which has no moving parts that may prematurely fail
  • At the end of the storm event, sediment and debris settle into the base of the filtration bag.  
  • The stored material will be stored in a dry state (until the next storm event), reducing the amount of organic decomposition


  • Flow diverter with static bypass assembly
  • Multiple filtration bags from 200micron opening
  • Heavy duty filtration cage
  • Multiple sizes and configurations
  • Removable filtration bags


  • Superior pollutant removal with high hydraulic efficiency
  • Captures 100% of sediment and debris 200micron and larger
  • Provides increased storage capacity
  • Design flexibility – fits square or round pits
  • Ease of maintenance, with no confined space entry

Configurations and Applications

The OceanGuard is available in several standard sizes, designed to fit pits ranging from 450 x 450mm up to 1200 x 1200mm. Custom sizings are also available for larger pits. With the ability to be installed in kerb entry, grated drain and field gully pits, the OceanGuard is an ideal solution for a wide range of applications such as:

  • Commercial, Industrial and Residential development, infill and redevelopment and stormwater quality retrofit applications
  • Special projects: Highways, airports, seaports and military installations
  • Pre-treatment for Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), infiltration and rainwater harvesting and reuse systems


  • OceanGuard provides unobstructed access to dry stored pollutants, making it easy to maintain
  • Maintenance is a simple process that can be easily accomplished from ground level using a vacuum truck or manual techniques
  • No confined space requirement
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Inspection of the OceanGuard pit insert in Western Sydney Carpark
Inspection of the OceanGuard pit insert in Western Sydney Carpark
OceanGuard Installation Guide
OceanGuard Installation Guide
OceanGuard Sizing Options
OceanGuard Sizing Options


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