The OceanGuard® technology is a gully pit insert/ basket designed to capture stormwater pollution that flows into new or existing stormwater pits.

The OceanGuard® technology is a gully pit insert / basket designed to capture pollution that runs into stormwater drains. It can be installed within new and existing stormwater pits.

The system is offered with a choice of filtration bag liners, designed to remove gross pollutants, total suspended solids and attached pollutants. It can be adopted as a stand-alone technology or as part of a treatment train.

The filtration bag, filtration cage and flow diverter work together to maximise the flow treated and pollutants captured. This efficient hydraulic design ultimately results in captured pollutants being retained in a dry state.

OceanGuard pit inserts are cost-effective, highly efficient, easy to install and simple to maintain.


How the OceanGuard Filter Treats Stormwater



Configurations and Applications