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The Vortechs system is a high-performance gross pollutant trap that effectively removes fine sediment, oil and grease as well as floating and sinking debris. Its swirl concentrator and flow controls work together to minimise turbulence and provide stable storage for captured pollutants.

The design also allows for easy inspection and unobstructed maintenance access. With comprehensive lab and field testing, the system delivers proven results and site-specific solutions.

MODELS: VX1000, VX2000, VX3000, VX5000, VX7000, VX9000, VX11000, VX16000

How Vortechs Treats Stormwater

  • Stormwater enters the Vortechs swirl chamber through an inlet pipe
  • The swirling motion of the water within the chamber promotes gravitational separation of solids which settle on the chamber floor
  • Stormwater exits the swirl chamber, where baffle walls trap floatables and hydrocarbons
  • Stormwater flows under the baffle walls into the flow control chamber which contains separate flow controls for peaks and low-intensity flows
  • Treated stormwater flows to the outlet chamber and exits via the outlet pipe


  • Large Swirl Chamber
  • Shallow profile – typical depth below pipe invert is only 1 metre
  • Unobstructed access to stored pollutants
  • Multiple inlet and outlet configurations


  • Fine particle removal down to 50 micron mean particle size
  • Easy and cost-effective installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Design Flexibility

Configurations and Applications

The Vortechs is available in several precast concrete configurations, allowing for a variety of treatable flow rates and inlet/outlet pipe sizes and orientations. This design flexibility makes the system ideal for a wide range of applications such as:

  • Commercial, Industrial and Residential development, infill and redevelopment and stormwater quality retrofit applications
  • Special projects: Highways, airports, seaports and military installations
  • Pre-treatment for Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), infiltration and rainwater harvesting and reuse systems


  • Vortechs provides unobstructed access to stored pollutants, making it easy to maintain
  • Maintaining a Vortechs is a simple process that can be easily accomplished using a vacuum truck, with no requirement to enter the unit