The Vortechs™ system is a high-performance gross pollutant trap that effectively removes fine sediment, oil and grease as well as floating and sinking debris. Its swirl concentrator and flow controls work together to minimise turbulence and provides stable storage for captured pollutants.

The design also allows for easy inspection and unobstructed maintenance access. With comprehensive lab and field testing, the system delivers proven results and site-specific solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Largest treatment zone surface area of any hydro-dynamic system available
  • Easy maintenance – unobstructed access to stored pollutants
  • Proven performance verified through third-party testing
  • Shallow system profile and unique horizontal design makes installation easier and cost-effective
  • Flexible design fits site constraints and accommodates a wide range of treatment options
  • 80 per cent removal of particles over 100 micron
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