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We Stop Pollution Entering Waterways

For almost two decades we have been leaders in the design, installation and maintenance of stormwater treatment assets and infrastructure.

Our oceans are now at crisis levels, which is why our purpose beyond profit is to protect our waterways. It’s predicted there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050 and whilst plastic is part of the issue, so too is toxins and pollutants including sediments, heavy metals, nitrogen, phosphorous and cigarette butts that flow to the ocean from stormwater runoff.


We have the expertise and products to develop the right water sensitive urban design (WSUD) solutions for a range of objectives including flood mitigation, improved water quality or stormwater harvesting.

Our end-to-end solutions cover every aspect of stormwater management from conceptual design and product supply, through to implementation, construction and ongoing management.

With stormwater regulations and water quality standards becoming increasingly complex and onerous, our best management practice filtration, screening and treatment systems meet the most stringent regulatory requirements, while our comprehensive maintenance services ensure optimal performance and ongoing regulatory compliance.

Across our extensive range, each product we supply and install meets Australia’s strictest standards and has been verified for its effectiveness in real world situations, – not just a laboratory.


For almost two decades we have been leaders in the design, installation and maintenance of stormwater treatment assets and infrastructure. There is now an urgent need to significantly reduce the amount of pollution entering our waterways and to do this, changes are necessary in human behaviour, knowledge and legislation. That’s why we are committed to three key areas: 

  1. Bringing about change to legislation that will have a real impact
  2. Increasing public awareness of stormwater impact through education
  3. Developing an advocacy program where we’ll share much needed funds with worthwhile charities


We are actively raising public awareness and speaking with politicians to make maintenance of stormwater infrastructure and roads a legal and enforceable requirement by 2021. Without proper maintenance, all compulsory water treatment systems become ineffective and ultimately, our waterways pay the price. We estimate this change in legislation will save 500 standard wheelie bins of pollution (240 litres) reaching the ocean per day! To find out more about Zero Litter to Ocean campaign please visit


We’ve partnered with Keep Australia Beautiful in 2019 to help deliver an education module titled Keeping Waterways Clean to NSW schools. By 2022, we will have helped all schools in Australia to have access to marine conservation education resources.


In 2019, we’ve partnered with five charities by donating $50,000 to their collective conservation efforts. We’re also fundraising for them via our not-for-profit shop. We will increase our financial contribution to relevant causes in parallel with business growth year-on-year.


Get involved in our education programs or talk to us about how we can work together to create positive change.

Support our efforts for stricter legislation by speaking to your local MP and councillors.

Head to our not-for-profit shop, where you can purchase reusable coffee cups and other merchandise. When you make a purchase, select from a list of five charities where you’d like the profits sent.

Finally, connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to join the conversation.

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