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Ocean Protect is proud to have an advocacy program where we’ll share much needed funds with worthwhile charities. In 2019, we have donated $50,000 to five not-for-profits to support their collective conservation efforts. We’re also fundraising for them via our shop and plan to increase our financial contribution to relevant causes in parallel with business growth year-on-year. Simply make a purchase and in the check-out process you’ll have the ability to select which of the five charities below you want the donation to be shared with. 

Zero litter to ocean

Within Australia and globally, there is unprecedented job loss and economic instability. Australian Government initiatives that can be implemented immediately to create jobs and ‘boost’ the Australian Economy and provide other tangible benefits should be considered as a priority. Stormwater NSW and Ocean Protect are calling on the Federal Government to establish and work towards a ‘Zero Litter to Ocean’ target for Australia. Achieving this target would mean that any pollutant larger than five millimetres (like a cigarette butt) would be prevented from flowing to any waterway or ocean from any currently ‘high litter generating area’ within Australia.