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AWA Water E-Journal paper published for StormFilter PFAS technology

The study “Per and poly-fluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) removal by a radial flow cartridge system” was recently published in the Australian Water Association Water e-Journal. The paper was written by Ocean Protect’s Brad Dalrymple, Michael Wicks, Blake Allingham and Warren Jones and University of NSW’s Dr James McDonald. It describes the results of two field-scale studies of the StormFilter PFAS – Ocean Protect’s latest innovation, which applies our proven StormFilter technology with a media blend specifically developed to remove PFAS from contaminated waters.

As described in the paper, a single StormFilter PFAS technology was able to achieve 87 and 93% removal of PFAS.  In addition to the high rate of PFAS removal provided, the StormFilter PFAS is anticipated to provide additional benefits (in comparison to alternative PFAS removal technologies) that will augment the installation and operation of these systems, particularly at constrained sites, such as the ability of the system to be installed and operated below ground level.

The journal paper is available here.

This article is reproduced with permission by the Australian Water Association (AWA) and was first published in the November 2023 edition of AWA’s technical journal, Water e-Journal.  For more information visit

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