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What plants to use in Filterra bioretention systems ?

In this video, Ocean Protect’s Brad Dalrymple talks about enhancing the biology of bioretention systems.

This video was at Bargara (east of Bundaberg in Queensland) at one of three (3) Filterra bioretention installations – to help answer the question we often get asked “what plants do we recommend for Filterra bioretention systems?”.  In short, Ocean Protect recommend a wide range of plant species are appropriate and recommended, and we typically want to maximise diversity.

Table A-1 of the report A review of suitability of Filterra® biofiltration systems in Australia (here) provides a recommended planting palette, and this is mostly consistent with recommendations given in industry guideline documents for bioretention systems such as those from CRC for Water Supply Catchments (here) and Water By Design (here). For further info on Filterra bioretention systems, please contact us or check out

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