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The NSW Plastics Action Plan

The NSW Plastics Action Plan

The NSW Plastics Action Plan sets out the first six actions to achieve four long term outcomes to better manage plastics and reduce the impact they have on the environment.


Outcome 1: Reduced plastic waste generation 

Action 1: Introduce new legislation to reduce harmful plastics. 

  • Phase-out single-use plastics
  • Set design standards to limit the impact of harmful plastics
  • Making producers and brand owners of plastic packaging more responsible 

Action 2: Accelerate the transition to better plastic products


Outcome 2: Make the most of our plastic resources

Action 3: Support innovation


Outcome 3: Reduced plastic leakage

Action 4: Tackle cigarette butt litter 

Action 5: Reduce the risk of nurdles entering the environment. 


Outcome 4: Improved understanding of the future of plastics

Action 6: Support plastics research 


More information available at


Click here to view Action Plan. 

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