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Filterra gets the tick of approval

Ocean Protect Filterra® is the first high flow bio-filtration system to be given the tick of approval by Brisbane City Council. Sanctioned for use in private developments throughout Brisbane’s local government area, Filterra is recognised globally as a high quality and reliable stormwater treatment solution for a range of applications including commercial, residential and industrial projects.

But what makes the Filterra so unique? 
Incorporating Green Infrastructure (GI) into Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) is normally a challenge as traditional Green Infrastructure requires a large footprint. The Filterra bio-filtration system simplifies this process as it is an engineered bio-filtration device optimised for high flow treatment to deliver a much smaller footprint system than traditional bio-filtration without being maintenance burden. Ocean Protect offers Filterra in both basin and tree-pit configurations as a complete turn-key solution, from the highest quality assured manufacturing program of any bio-filtration system across Australia, through to installation (basin systems), maintenance and warranty all completed in-house by Ocean Protect.

Filterra’s small footprint offers the versatility to be used on its own for highly developed sites or in conjunction with other technologies such as EnviroPod or StormFilter. With its low life cycle cost, this is one of the most cost-effective stormwater treatment systems on offer. It is easy to install and maintenance is simple and safe.
Filterra meets regulatory requirements for pollutant removal under TAPE and TARP testing and now ticks all the boxes to meet the standards required by Brisbane City Council. For design details or more product information please click here or contact us on 1300 354 722.

High Flow – Low Footprint – High Quality – Low Cost

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