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Filterra biofiltration systems in the ‘real world’

Filterra biofiltration systems in the ‘real world’

Are you keen to see and discuss ‘real world’ case studies of Filterra biofiltration systems ? Then, please watch this recording of Ocean Protect’s webinar “Filterra biofiltration systems in the ‘real world’”, held on 18 May 2023.

Over the last five years, many Filterra® biofiltration systems have been integrated into new ‘water sensitive’ urban development projects. In particular, this is often due (at least in part) by the significantly smaller area they require (typically 0.3% of upstream area) relative to conventional bioretention systems (that use ‘sandy loam’ media, and often require 3 to 5 times more land) and the growing body of evidence demonstrating their performance (and more widespread local government approval for their use).


In this webinar, Ocean Protect’s Harout Tcherkezian, Nathan Raco and Michael Wicks will show-case several ‘real world’ examples of Filterra biofiltration systems installed within Australia. A wide diversity of project examples will be shown – from small ‘tree pit’ systems to large ‘bioscapes’. Key design, construction and management constraints, challenges and features will be described and discussed, supported by an extensive collection of photos of various systems over time.

The webinar includes a short (~25 minute) presentation, followed by Q&A with attendees.


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