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Ocean Protect have been leaders in the design, installation and maintenance of stormwater treatment assets and infrastructure for almost two decades. After realising the rapidly increasing urgency to reduce the amount of pollution entering our waterways, the company rebranded from Stormwater360 Australia to Ocean Protect in early 2019 to better reflect their purpose beyond profit – stopping the flow of pollution, including plastic and toxins, to our waterways.

Everytime it rains, an alarming amount of pollutants including tyre dust, heavy metals, nitrogen, cigarette butts and plastics are washed down our drains and swept into our oceans due to insufficient stormwater infrastructure and management. As part of the company’s rebrand, Ocean Protect are committed to lobbying local governments to implement a ‘Zero Litter to Ocean’ policy which will effectively reduce the amount of pollution entering our waterways.

Bringing about changes to legislation will have a real impact through actively raising public awareness and speaking with politicians to make maintenance of stormwater infrastructure and roads a legal and enforceable requirement by 2021. Ocean Protect estimate that this change in legislation will save 500 standard wheelie bins of pollution reaching the ocean per day.

As a result of this renewed focus, the company has already seen five councils including City of Sydney, Burwood Council, Noosa Council and Northern Beaches Council, commit to creating targets which involve the regular maintenance and implementation of local stormwater infrastructure.