VortCapture™ is a full capture, high-capacity litter, debris and sediment solution designed to remove all particles greater than 5mm in size. The system combines the proven sediment removal capability of hydro-dynamic separation with superior litter and organic debris capture.

The result is a stormwater treatment system that effectively captures and retains a broad range of pollutants.

TAGS: VC40, VC50, VC60, VC70, VC80, VC100, VC110


  • Treatment and internal bypass in one structure
  • Compact design, ideal for congested sites
  • Round, lightweight construction for easy installation
  • Traps 100 per cent of incoming material larger than 5mm, including neutrally buoyant material
  • Submerged outlet traps floating oil and grease
  • Unobstructed maintenance access

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