Company: IES Stormwater Pty Ltd T/A Ocean Protect

Reports to: National Sales Manager

Vision (Context)

(Statement of the company intentions and the component to which this role relates)

Ocean Protect provides value to its customers, staff, and shareholders by delivering high quality, innovative stormwater treatment solutions.

This role contributes to this vision by identifying, qualifying and winning new named accounts while optimising our existing client relationships.

Position Purpose (Function)

(Statement of the role, responsibilities, expectations, and contribution to Ocean Protect)

This is a professional customer relationship and sales role, focused on providing Ocean Protect customers with the best solutions, based on Ocean Protect products and services. This is an intensely customer facing role being the representative of Ocean Protect to these customers and prospects.

An important aspect of the role is to be responsible for the overall Ocean Protect relationship with our contractor and engineering customers and maintaining relationships with key customers in the defined area.

The Sales Manager is to maintain a relationship with the customers that maximises Ocean Protect products saleability, uptake and relevance.


The Sales Representative is to:

  • Represent Ocean Protect in the market in a professional manner.
  • Build a new named client base using Ocean Protect products and services.
  • Optimise the business opportunities from existing clients and contractors as delegated.
  • Build a revenue stream that meets the budgets and quotas as defined from time to time.
  • Identify, liaise, and meet with customers/prospects to determine the applicability of Ocean Protect products and services to their business.
  • Use Ocean Protect personnel to prepare a proposal for the customer to accept.
  • Win business from the named clients
  • Provide leadership and direction for all business development activities throughout Ocean Protect.


This role is ultimately responsible for winning business with Ocean Protect products and services

to a total value as determined from time to time.

Key Responsibilities

(Statement of key expectations as to office and professional behaviour)

  • (Presales) Identify customers who could benefit from Ocean Protect products and services
  • (Presales) Contact customers (either cold or via a marketing driven lead) to understand the customer’s business and to determine the applicability of Ocean Protect products and services to that business.
  • (Presales) Meet with customers to further build relationships and use Ocean Protect engineering support and other presales staff to prepare a solution for the customer.
  • (Presales) Identify key decision makers within the customer organisation
  • (Presales) Prepare customer proposals and presentations and have them reviewed/accepted by the National Sales Manager
  • (Presales) Run presentations for the customer of Ocean Protect products and services
  • (Presales) Be familiar with the Ocean Protect standard contract terms and documentation necessary to create a binding contract.
  • (Sales) “Close” customers on proposals presented by having them sign the proposal and submit a purchase order.

  • (Tracking) Track all customer contact and progress using the current Ocean Protect ACT CRM system.
  • (Tracking) Track all business opportunities by revenue, and potential close date.
  • (Tracking) Plan and document resource needs as required.
  • (Project) Monitor project progress and maintain contact with the client to gauge customer satisfaction
  • (Project) Build strong relationships with client staff and manage customer expectations
  • (Project) Maintain a high level of customer satisfaction
  • (Project) Ensure all project change requests are properly costed and presented to the client for ‘sign-off’ before authorising work.
  • (Project) Keep a close working relationship with project managers to ensure client expectations are met or managed.
  • (Project) Update project manager with task status and identify issues as they arise
  • (Project) Work with project manager to address risk management
  • (Operations) Maintain contact with the customer on a regular basis to ensure customer currency with Ocean Protect is maintained.
  • (Marketing) Arrange client workshops to help win business and / or improve products.
  • (Marketing) Represent Ocean Protect at trade functions and offer to speak at conferences or other profile activities
  • (Marketing) Plan and present OCEAN PROTECT initiatives to the customer
  • (Marketing) Promote OCEAN PROTECT capabilities, service offerings and products
  • (Marketing) Identify new business opportunities for OCEAN PROTECT
  • (Strategy) Identify new product and service areas where Ocean Protect could participate with some investment and the preparation of a proposal with a business case.
  • (Strategy) Work on OCEAN PROTECT product initiatives as required
  • Participate in the Ocean Protect National Sales Team.
  • Demonstration of management, personal and professional leadership.

Skills, Education, Knowledge and Experience Required

(The minimum skills required for the position)

  • Minimum 5 years experience as a Sales Executive
  • Demonstrated and verifiable skills in preparing proposals, presentations, internal and external reports.
  • An engineering, science, or business degree is advantageous but not mandatory.
  • A positive work attitude and a drive to succeed.

Working Environment

(These are taken into consideration when reviewing performance.)

  • Each day activity must be recorded in the Ocean Protect CRM system daily.
  • Dress code is business appropriate.

The work is on-the-road based in the Southern region.