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Every time it rains, our waterways are at risk of flooding. And we’re not just talking about flooding of the water itself in the event of a substantial downpour, but flooding of contaminants. As the water then moves through our communities, it picks up pollutants in its path – from visible trash, oils and dirt to invisible heavy metals and microplastics. If these flow to our waterways and oceans, we risk the health of both marine life and humans.

That’s why stormwater treatment with stormwater filtration assets is essential – it removes the vast majority of those harmful pollutants to ensure the water that is making it’s way into rivers and oceans is as clean as possible. And thanks to Ocean Protect, there is a wide range of treatment solutions to assist. The following is a brief rundown:

A high-low biofiltration system, this is ideal for use in streetscapes and vegetated areas. Stormwater entering these systems percolates through the plant/ mulch/ soil environment and is treated through a variety of physical, chemical and biological processes before being discharged to downstream drainage systems and/ or waterways.

Using gravity, flow rotation and up-flow membrane filtration in an underground system, this filter can remove high levels of pollutants and has a high flow rate. The name comes from the ‘tentacles’ that catch and remove particles as small as 2 microns.

A gully pit insert (or basket) that catches pollution in stormwater drains, this is a stormwater filtration assets technology that can be adopted as a stand-alone technology or as part of a treatment train. It has a filtration bag, cage, and flow diverter working together to maximise the treated flow and the pollutants captured.

Designed to remove particles larger than 1mm, this is a high capacity trap that uses vortex separation and indirect screening to separate and trap rubbish, hydrocarbons and sediment.

Uses opposing vortices to enhance particle settling, allowing for greater sediment capture and retention. This stormwater filtration asset can treat high flow rates and is designed to remove trash, debris and hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff.

This system is a coalescing separator that removes free oil from contaminated runoff, ideally suited for sites where oil and grease need to be targeted. Can remove oil droplets as small as 10 microns and has a built-in shutoff valve to ensure capacity isn’t exceeded.

A high performance trap, this system is designed to remove sinking or floating debris, as well as fine sediment, oil and grease. It is designed for easy inspection and simple maintenance and is available in a range of models, all of which have been rigorously tested for efficiency.

An ideal option for large spaces, this system removes settleable solids and floating contaminants in an urban runoff system. It can connect to a range of pipe sizes and has an internal weir that bypasses excessive flows within the unit. It is housed inside a concrete manhole.

With an open bottom, plastic infiltration chamber system, this technology maximises available land space to provide economic storage or infiltration below-grade. It ensures space is reserved for green space or development space, and each chamber holds 1.3m³ of storage.

This is one of our most popular stormwater filtration assets.The StormFilter® uses a patented passive filtration system to remove pollutants. It is rechargeable, self-cleaning and absorbs and retains solids, hydrocarbons, nutrients, heavy metals and other pollutants. It is also available in multiple cartridge heights to meet site-specific hydraulic needs.