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Amart Warehouse, QLD


Amart Warehouse, Garbutt QLD 4814



To meet SPP pollutant reduction targets for this commercial warehouse project in Garbutt, Townsville, Glynn Tucker Consulting Engineers specified the Ocean Protect JellyFish Filter JF2250-6-1 treatment system with upstream pre-treatment via the OceanGuard pit inserts within the grated inlet pits. Mite Constructions installed the treatment systems and civil drainage infrastructure.

The JellyFish Filter’s membrane tentacles remove a high percentage of pollutants from the stormwater run-off by forcing the polluted stormwater run-off down into the sump of the JellyFish Filter.  At this point the flow of water changes direction and flows up through the JellyFish treatment tentacles where the treated stormwater then exits the system.

The JellyFish Filter units are always configured in an offline arrangement to divert the frequent flows to the treatment unit, allowing higher, more intense rainfall events to bypass treatment.

13 upstream OceanGuard pit inserts have also been installed into the grated pits to pre-treat stormwater by capturing gross pollutants, sediments and nutrients.


OceanGuards are recommended to be serviced every 2 – 6 months with regular visual inspections and the safe removal of accumulated sediment and pollutants. The JellyFish is serviced on a biannual basis whereby service personnel assess the filtration system’s condition and rinse down each individual tentacle. During this site visit accumulated sediment is removed and disposed at an approved waste disposal site. Cartridge replacement frequencies are typically completed on a biennial basis.