Bingo Recycling Upgrade

This project was located within Strathfield Council LGA, as part meeting the DCP for this Stellen Consulting opted to incorporate a Jellyfish filter with VortCapture pre-treatment. The pre-cast concrete units were manufactured in consultation with D&W Plumbing to ensure the units met site-specific drainage levels. Both systems were delivered simultaneously to site with the process of unloading and placing both tanks into a pre-excavated location taking under 2 hours.

Lindt Warehouse – Marsden Park

This project was designed by FMG Engineering. The approximate site area of the development is 66,000 sqm which is being treated by a precast StormFilter Vault system and some small rain gardens in the car park. The site is predominantly made up of roof and car park areas hence Enviropods have been used as the primary form of pre-treatment to capture key pollutants such as suspended solids with a 343kL rain water tank pre-treating the majority of roof. The precast vault designed by us incorporated an internal bypass arrangement that eliminated upstream bypass pits simplifying the drainage arrangement for the builder. Furthermore, the vault was designed to cater for four metres of fill over the top of the system.