Bingo Recycling Upgrade

This project was located within Strathfield Council LGA, as part meeting the DCP for this Stellen Consulting opted to incorporate a Jellyfish filter with VortCapture pre-treatment. The pre-cast concrete units were manufactured in consultation with D&W Plumbing to ensure the units met site-specific drainage levels. Both systems were delivered simultaneously to site with the process of unloading and placing both tanks into a pre-excavated location taking under 2 hours.

Sydney Olympic Park

This commercial development is part of the new Sydney Olympic Park Town Centre. The project was designed in conjunction with Northrop Engineers and had to meet Sydney Olympic Park Authority water quality targets. The Vortsentry HS-12 unit was chosen to treat the carpark and roof areas of the site for its ability to enhance gravitational separation of floating (hydrocarbons and floatables) and settling pollutants (sediment). The added benefit of a small footprint and an internal high flow bypass, to eliminate washout, makes the VortSentry HS an ideal treatment option when space is at a premium.