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Stormwater Queensland 2020 Awards

The team at Ocean Protect and Stormwater NSW are honoured to receive the award for ‘Excellence in Policy and Education’ from Stormwater Queensland 2020 Awards.

A very big thank you to everyone who contributed to this policy and associated advocacy – the Stormwater NSW committee (particularly Alan Benson, Murray Powell, and Andrew Thomas), Benjamin Penhallurick, Chris Gray and, last but not least, Jeremy Brown for his tireless efforts on this initiative to create jobs, ‘boost’ the Australian economy, and better protect our ocean and waterways.

Many thanks also to the 9 Councils, 12 not-for-profits, and 27 private industry groups who have provided ‘in principle’ support to the policy paper and associated advocacy efforts to Federal and State Government. The Stormwater Queensland award is very much appreciated and great recognition to everyone involved so far. It’s also really fantastic to see that City of Ryde, Burwood Council, Northern Beaches Council, and the City of Sydney have already committed to work towards a ‘Zero Litter to Ocean/ River’ target by 2030 – and that Noosa Shire Council has included a ‘zero litter to river’ target (and associated actions) in their draft Noosa River Plan.

Thank you for supporting Zero Litter to Ocean Policy, and if you haven’t yet, please visit the website to get involved.

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