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Ocean Protect has a number of cartridge options that can be located inside an OSD tank within the basement of your project. Unlike other cartridge based filters on the market which can weigh in excess of 250kg’s (when occluded) our StormFilter cartridges are manoeuvrable by hand, especially the lighter PhosphoSorb media cartridges.

Exhausted StormFilter media can be emptied inside the tank and removed with a vacuum truck or by hand if necessary. The empty StormFilter cartridges can then be stacked and lifted out very easily. Once the chamber has been cleaned it is simply a matter of lowering replenished StormFilter cartridges into the chamber and reattaching them to the underdrain manifold. In some cases side access is the only option so lighter and smaller cartridges would be the favourable solution. A simple tripod and hoist is also a good option to help assist in maintenance procedures and on smaller systems eliminates the need for a vacuum truck.

Since the StormFilter system can be located within your OSD it means that a separate precast chamber is not required and therefore the procedure is much simpler in terms of levels and space requirements. For many developments a single car space can represent tens of thousands of dollars in property value, so any additional space saving is desirable.

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