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Exec Team


Jeremy Brown

Co-Founder Ocean Protect

Jeremy is the Co-Founder of Ocean Protect whose mission it is to stop pollution entering waterways.

A born and bred Kiwi with a passion for the environment, Jeremy and Michael have owned the company for almost a decade and most recently led the organisation’s rebrand from Stormwater360 to Ocean Protect.

The rebrand better reflects the organisation’s purpose beyond profit and its efforts to protect oceans and waterways. With so much focus on single use plastics, Jeremy identified a need to evolve the conservation about waterway health to include how urban pollution (including, but not limited to, plastic) reaches our creeks, rivers and oceans.

Jeremy’s infectious passion for the environment has seen his business lobby government for effective change, partner with worthwhile charities to support their efforts and invest in education across NSW primary schools.

Over the past decade, he has led various innovation and product developments focused on creating cost effective ways to protect the environment such as using reusable products and natural alternatives. By applying his technical knowledge with his passion for the environment, Jeremy has led the sector and regularly participates in industry groups and conferences.

Jeremy has lived on Sydney’s Northern Beaches for the past 20 years. He lives and breathes the ocean and is dedicated to turning the tide on its demise.


Michael Wicks

Co-Founder Ocean Protect

Michael has owned the company for almost a decade alongside his business partner, Jeremy Brown. Michael leads the business’ technical direction and oversees research and development. He is responsible for new product development and managing the engineering design team at Ocean Protect ensuring cost-effective environmental outcomes for developments.

He has a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) from the University of Western Sydney and has 20 years experience in the sector. He has sat on the committees of the NSW, Victoria and Queensland Storm Water Associations.

Michael spends his spare time on the waterways along the east coast of Australia. As an avid surfer, Michael has experienced firsthand the effects of stormwater pollution while surfing on polluted Australian beaches. This was the unfortunate catalyst that led him to a passion for waterway health and sustainability.